Electrnics & Communication LABS


      Communication is core part of electronics and communication branch this lab contains defferent subject as given below. Different instruments which are used in communication are also listed below.
      Modules covered in communication: Electronics and Communication, Digital Communication, Optical Fiber, Audio Video System.
      Instruments Used In Lab : Fiber optical trainee, DSB SC Amplitude MOD/DEMOD, Trainer, Super heterodyne AM radio trainer


      Embedded is the growing feild of electronics which can change the world as per our requirment. Embedded system covers all types of microprocessor and controller families with its supporting languages.
      Modules covered in Embedded lab: Microprocessor and interfacing, Microcontroller, Embedded System.

    • VLSI Lab:

      Very Iarge Scale Integration are new emerging field in era of Intregrated circuit which change the concept of IC design with fast manufacturing and with high speed data and high efficiency. Different instruments which are used in lab are also listed below.
      Modules covered in VLSI lab: VLSI design & technology
      Instruments Used In Lab: CPLD, Signal analyser, Digital CRO, Function Generator.


      Electonics is foundation of E.C branch which contains wide range of variety subjects which include following subject.
      Subjects covered in Electronics lab:: Basic Electronics, Digital Electronics, Power Electronics, Analog Circuit and Design, Integrated circuits and Application.
      Instrument Used In Lab: Function generator, CRO, Analog to digital lab power supply.


      Communication widen its feathers in many broad area of advanced communication which inculdes communication at microwave range, communication between satellite and grounds through the advanced antenna system is possible by advanced communication.
      Modules covered in Electronics lab :: Microwave Engineering, Radar and Navigational Aids, Antenna Wave Propagation.
      Instrument Used In Lab : Microwave bench and components