WORKING AT SAMARTH              WHAT SAMARTH LOOKS FOR    CORE VALUES                                

Working at Samarth

It is an opportunity to be a part of the growing education sector, a challenging work environment and a wonderful infrastructure. But most of all, it is the chance to interact with some of the brightest minds in the education and contribute to an intellectually stimulating workplace that makes it exciting.

  • The Samarth Campus offers an invigorating and dynamic work environment. It also offers a great ambience and facilities for the staff. Besides holding the best resources for the academic fraternity, the Learning Resource Centre houses an extensive collection of books, magazines and DVDs of general interest. Built on a beautiful site, with large boulders, open fields and clusters of large trees, the campus architects have preserved the ecological balance and beauty of the sprawling17-acre campus.

What Samarth looks for?

Samarth looks for candidates who have an ability to dream big and has ability to chase the dream. He/She should meet the following requirements :

♦   Follow the best practices and standards.

♦   Operate with spirit of responsibility, liberty, integrity and openness.

♦   Act with high speed, entrepreneurship and flexibility.

♦   Respect for one and all and their human existence.

♦   Innovative thinking and proactive approach in the working.

The overall objective of SAMARTH is to develop “WELL- ROUNDED PROFESSIONALS WHO COULD WORK IN A GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT WITH COMFORT” which is the mission of the college campus.

Core Values

The Samarth Group of Colleges is an equal opportunity employer. We believe Samarth employees are our core strength... Towards building a qualitative educational institution, we believe in certain core internal values, which act as guiding principles to enhance productivity, job satisfaction and make Samarth a preferred employer.

  • We believe in having Passion for Excellence…Striving for excellence in everything that we do, constantly innovating upon SamarthSGC’s offer to the market and instituting systems that recognise and reward excellence.

  • We believe in Openness… Sharing information with team members; making processes and systems transparent by providing the rationale and thinking behind them; fostering an atmosphere where ideas and opinions are shared freely; creating open channels of communication.

  • We are a Caring Organisation… We believe in positively influencing others, appreciating the efforts of others, instituting rewards/ awards that recognise special efforts and in sharing credit.

  • We believe in Collaborating… Looking for alternative ways to work with others for creating better results and working relationships; having an open mind towards sharing information for the larger success of the organisation.

  • We believe in Initiative & Innovation… Finding new opportunities for enhancing ones contribution to the organisation; exploring and working with new ideas that are beneficial for the Samarth; giving departments the autonomy to work in a manner most conducive to their nature of work and needs of their internal/ external customers; challenging status quo thinking and assumptions.