CEO's Message

    • Abhishek Rathi
  • Education is the hallmark of a vibrant democracy. This initiative comes at a time when India is undergoing an experiment in its political, economic and social sphere. I would like to see Samarth Group of Colleges in the light of nation building and being a torch-bearer of India’s bright future, leading us into the next century.

    It is our endeavour to make this college an ideal companion and guide for a student’s journey of self- realisation. Besides promising an exclusive relationship between student and teacher, the school also boasts of an excellent faculty. I believe learning at a school should ensure a wholesome experience, moving beyond just classroom-teaching to include people’s skill, personality development, nurturing a morally sound growth and conditioning positive leadership among students. We aim to become a research-dense pillar of credible technical standing.

    With a rich diversity of students and teachers alike, we ensure that students develop a nuanced perspective of this world, ensuring their growth into self-discovery. I believe a citizen is made in a school and it is in a school where corner stones of an accomplished human being are laid. And we aim to fill in the gaps in our educational system, wherever they are needed to be filled and supplied for. For those who wish to be a part of India-building, our institute will welcome you with open arms. Bon voyage!

Chairman's Message

    • Manish Vyas
  • You dream, We have the power to shape it. . .

    It gives me great pleasure to introduce SAMARTH GROUP OF COLLEGES, a new blooming educational hub. SAMARTH was established with the aim of providing qualitative higher education and install high standards of discipline by making students technically superior and ethically strong those who, in turn, will improve the quality of human life.

    Every successful organization has some unique characteristics and which set it apart from the rest. These features are encapsulated in two words, "WE CREATE". This is evident as SAMARTH applies its concentration on three unique facets of the student’s persona, viz knowledge, skills and positive attitude.

    The SAMARTH GROUP OF COLLEGES is here to provide a platform for exploring student's hidden talent to achieve the pinnacle of life under the umbrella of Vyas Institutes of Higher Education popularly known as SAMARTH.

    I invite you to visit our magnificent campus, inspect our state-of-the-art facilities, meet and discuss with students and faculty to discover, why have so many bright students made SAMARTH GROUP OF COLLEGES their Primary choice.

    To the people who don't know where they want to go. There is a favorable wind here.

    Vision: We at the institute impart futuristic technical education and instill high patterns of discipline through our dedicated staff, who shall set global standards, making our students technologically superior and ethically strong.

    Mission: Our mission is to impart quality to students coming from all sections of society with intent to develop them as enlightened individual capable of uplifting the status of their families, industry and society as a whole.

    Quality Policy: We at the institution aspire to establish a system of quality, which provides continuous improvement in academic discipline by a continuous evaluation and monitoring the quality of education & training. We improve the teaching learning process & ultimately, develop the institute as a Center of Excellence.

Director's Message

    • Chintan Purohit
  • I believe that education has the most critical role to play in the progress of a nation. As Himmatnagar is my Karma Bhumi, I have a magnetic affection for it and heartily wish to put my maximum efforts in its educational development and dream of making it a educational hub. We, at Samarth Campus, realize that our students represent the future of our society and we take our responsibility seriously. We ensure that for the rock - solid foundation we help them build here - both in terms of skills and values - will stand them in good stead no matter which career they choose.

    Along with the requisite academic and related skills, we try and instill in our students empathy for those less fortunate and concern for the environment around them. We create opportunities, not just for young people to learn, but also for them to experience the fulfillment that comes from sharing this learning with others. At Samarth, we will always be focused on delivering education that will help to create the leaders of tomorrow’s world - men and women who will not just be successful in their individual capacities but who will in turn, contribute to and nurture the world they live in.

    Welcome to Samarth Group of Colleges. Wishing you all the best. May the blessings of the Almighty be with you.