The Department is fully equipped with the laboratory instruments and special survey equipments like EDM and 20 second theodolite and also software for analysis and design of structures. Civil engineers with an academic bent of mind can go on to obtain their Masters and PhD degrees and enter the world of research and teaching. Other civil graduates can find work at all levels of the economy. There are opportunities in small consulting firms including those specializing in structural, environmental, municipal and geotechnical engineering and some work in larger firms which encompass several branches of civil engineering. Civil engineers can also work at national, state and municipal levels of the government. They can also start their own business.

Opportunities abound in varying aspects of engineering like Bioengineering, Coastal Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Water Resources Engineering. The most popular industries for getting employed are construction, engineering design, residential construction, heavy civil construction.