Department of Electrical Engineering has an excellent team of experienced, qualified faculty and non-teaching staff. The department has a good liaison with industry. The department is always enthusiastic in conducting various courses and workshops for the faculty and students to permeate advances in technology.

It presently has well equipped laboratories and excellent computational facilities. World class software like MATLAB, Simulink, PSCAD, ETAP, MULTISIM, PSIM, Proteus, Labview, MAGNET are available in the department to work on top-of-the line projects in various areas of electrical engineering. The department hosts a diverse and vibrant research portfolio in areas such as Green Energy, Real Time Robust Control of Under Actuated Systems, Optimal Control of Power Flow, UPFC, Efficient PM machines, Fuzzy Controllers, Power Converters and Drives, Power quality analysis etc. The department also has excellent testing facilities in the area of high voltage engineering and testing of rotating machines.