The department offers students an undergraduate program. Here the students gain breadth and depth of knowledge in a multitude of computing specialties and are well prepared for industry positions as well as academic positions. Department continuously try to improve the programme delivery to keep our graduates competitive in the job market. Graduates from the department are heavily recruited by both academia and industry. All over the world, ex-students of the department occupy best positions in both academia and industry. After graduation, the department continues to enjoy strong interaction and support from alumni.

The department also receives generous support from members of local IT industry. The Department laboratories possess more than 360 high end PCS with necessary licensed operating system and software. All the labs are well protected with UPS. The department also has a separate Internet facility available for students where they can surf the internet to gather unlimited information and increase their knowledge with the 12 Mbps dedicated line. In addition to this, the final year students are provided with two dedicated Project Labs having high end desktops for their final year project. Students work on different platforms and technologies to fulfill their needs of the project. All Laboratories are well equipped with network printers. The department has a blade server which is used for intranet applications.

A separate departmental library consisting of previous seminar reports, Project Reports, various manuals is available to help students make study material readily available. In addition to this, the college library has a very good collection of academic and general information books and subscriptions for journals on the topics related to the study of the Computer Engineering.

Our dedicated full-time faculty, who not only strive to excel in the classrooms but are always here to help the students. The department has young and enthusiastic faculty members who provide expertise in their areas of interests which are major areas of computer science and engineering.

The combination of all of these elements makes the Computer Engineering Department a very exciting place to be.